Hybrex DK8 Handsets

Phil Scott Offers the Best Phone Services on the Gold Coast

Phil Scott has over 20 years experience in the Technical field of Communications, including Telstra and other major Telecommunication Companies.

We provide the full range of services including:

  • Telephone Systems New & Used
  • Structured Data Cabling
  • Voice Over IP (VOIP)
  • Telephone/Block Cabling
  • Payphones/VOIP Payphones
  • Underground Cable Jointing – Telstra Accredited
  • ADSL/Broadband Connections
  • Provider of Managed Internet Services for Motel,Resorts,Marinas,Caravan Parks.

We specialise in Hybrex, Toshiba, LG Aria Nortel & Samsung Telephone Systems.

We’re also authorised dealers for ENGIN VOIP products and services – consider switching your phones to VOIP to cut down your phone bill: Ask us how!

Carmel Holmes, Asset Director of Tower House Business Centre, says:

“Phil Scott has been providing exceptional service to Tower House Business Centre since 2003. As Serviced Office operators we have numerous and sometimes short-notice telephone/fax/ADSL connections or changes for incoming tenants.

Phil always has the connections in place and efficiently operating in a tight time frame. I would highly recommend Phil to anyone who requires a communications specialist with a “can-do” attitude.”

hybrex dk8-31/ telephone handset

Phone Systems Update from Phil

It’s a cold and wet day here on the Coast and I thought I’d share a bit of info on phone systems and how to get the best phone systems for your business.

Here’s the 3 top things to consider when getting the right phone system for you:Phone

1. Performance – obviously you want a phone system that does the job. There are many aspects to consider that will be specific to your needs. With all our customers we provide our review and recommendations best suited to you as a free service.

2. Warranty – this is an easy one. If it doesn’t work it gets replaced. We only recommend quality phone systems and it’s very rare that their is a fault. but it does happen and when it does we shoot straight out and either repair or replace.

A simple solution that works.

3. Reliability – you don’t want us coming out to fix faulty phone systems and neither do we! That’s why we only use and recommend the quality systems. It’s no benefit to your business, or ours, if we use inferior products.

Bonus Tip! (Either that or I can’t count!)

4. Price of your phone systems – this is a major consideration for every business. You want the best phone system at the best price – our very thorough review of your needs ensures you get the right system at the right price.

Have a great weekend.


Phil Scott