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GDS – The platform for today and tomorrow

GDS(Global Digital System) is a feature-rich platform that meets existing telecommunication requirements and offers future-proof migration solutions. The system provides external interfaces to PSTN, ISDN (BRI, PRI), E1/T1, DID, E&M and VoIP via the Internet, along with feature-packed digital keyphones, traditional analog and wireless-handsets.

The GDS Series integrates seamlessly with many application programs to diversify itself to an advanced Communication System Platform. The versatility of the GDS System permits it to adapt to future Internet-enabled technology for voice, data and security applications. This integrated IP-based capability protects your investment and ensures a wide range of options for expanding your information and communication infrastructure as your business grows.

Teamwork makes the difference

IP-CTI (IP-based Computer Telephony Integration) technology.

Intranet and Internet are utilized more than ever and will soon be a standard media for the exchange of information. With GDS CT Star software, bundling many applications, to streamline team processes and raise productivity is a reality.

With IP Connectivity, users can retrieve their Voice Messages from their own desk or wherever they are. Check your colleague’s attendance status and his or her absent message, leaving and reviewing your messages, monitoring company call traffic and total call cost on line. GDS gives your team members many imaginative ideas to work with.

The Companion Software

The HYBREX GDS LAN interface, integrated systems, and control software provides a wealth of options for network connectivity. For all types of business this means increased convenience and productivity.

Integration for the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality specific versions of GDS control software with web browser control interface, integrated voicemail, automatic least cost call routing, call accounting, plus many other standard system features combine to form a powerful and convenient system for the Hotel Motel business.

The management of customer communications needs from automatic wake up calls right through to call billing at checkout is a breeze with a HYBREX GDS system.

For larger Hotels using comprehensive property management systems the GDS also has a PMS interface allowing seamless integration.

Hybrex also offers..

Hybrex offers Companion Software to run on your business workstations to extend the functionality of your Hybrex phone system, providing an efficient marriage between your business information and your telephone system.

  • CT Star – The HYBREX CTI software package
  • CAS (Call Accounting System)
  • TM (Telephony Manager)
  • CM (Contact Manager)
  • ACP (Access Control Phone Manager)

For more information on Hybrex systems, contact Phil Scott.

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